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Ban-Busting SmokeStiks Are Good Business

Press release October 22, 2009

Smart retailers are cashing in on the smoking ban by selling ban-busting SmokeStiks to UK smokers.

Britain is following America in this latest retail trend which has seen a massive increase in the sale of the battery-operated SmokeStiks in the USA.

SmokeStiks are electronic cigarettes that utilise replaceable cartridges, costing substantially less than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and aren’t restricted by the smoking ban so they can be used anywhere – pubs, clubs and even on airplanes.

They offer a smoke-free nicotine hit so smokers get all the satisfaction of a traditional cigarette, without any cancer causing agents, making them a much smarter alternative to tobacco.

US manufacturer SmokeStik has already won over many celebs including Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio who was recently spotted with a SmokeStik in hand.

Now socialite and former It Girl Lady Victoria Hervey has introduced the concept to the UK and launched her own product the SmokeStik Royale.

Lady Victoria has already persuaded Selfridges to stock the product and is in talks several other big name retailers to stock the luxury product on shelves. The product is also available to buy online at

Lady Victoria said: “SmokeStiks are popular in the US and I’m sure they will be a big hit in the UK too.

“They can be enjoyed anywhere and are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Thousands of American smokers have thrown away their tobacco cigarettes after trying the SmokeStik and I think it’ll help many British smokers to quit tobacco too.

"My father developed emphysema from smoking and passed away in his sixties. If this product helps anyone to quit tobacco I'll get great satisfaction from that.”

The team at US based Smokestik are clearly delighted at having Lady Victoria on board and have trademarked the phrase “Designed for Royalty” for her product.

A spokesman said: “SmokeStik’s have proven hugely popular with US customers and we’re confident UK smokers will also see the attraction of a cigarette you can smoke anywhere, including bars and clubs.”

The company is so convinced their product has what it takes to banish tobacco it has also trademarked the phrase “The Future of Smoking.”

To find out more about the SmokeStik get in touch with the company by visiting or call 0808 120 1999.


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