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Award Winning Brewer Selects InteliTap Solution to Track and Manage Cask Fleet

Press release November 4, 2009 IT

InteliTap’s visibiliTy 4.0 asset tracking and management solution is set to provide Sharp’s with accurate asset fleet calculations, evaluate container losses, and calculate cycle times, driving business critical decisions.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, November 4th, 2009  – InteliTap today announced that Sharp’s Brewery would be implementing their tracking solution, VisibiliTy 4.0, to track their cask fleet.  The solution was selected due to its ability to enhance customer satisfaction and increase profitability, improving supply chain efficiency and reducing costs.

Joe Keohane, Sharp’s Director, told us: “Sharp’s is a fast growing regional brewer, meaning that we are continually expanding our products into a complex national distribution network. Having a clear and concise picture of our high-value asset fleet is critical to our business, and we selected InteliTap because of their deep domain expertise as regards asset tracking, in addition to a completely unique knowledge of brewing industry supply chains.  Their solution is highly configurable and has the edge as it is able to integrate smoothly with our existing barcode and auto ID solution and processes, whilst still providing optimum results.  We are already looking forward to progressing the system further, as we develop and grow, and are currently evaluating other complimentary technologies with InteliTap such as GPS tracking. 

Stewart Howe, Sharp’s Head Brewer said: “Our main aims are to produce premium products that have minimum impact on the environment. The InteliTap system enables us to work closer to those aims as it reduces wastage in the supply chain by identifying losses and other areas that require attention. It also saves us money on capital expenditure.  This means we can spend even more of our time and resource focusing on our customers, and brewing fantastic beer that incorporates the best practices from Britain’s historical brewing industry combined with leading edge brewing technology.”

Jon Quinn, InteliTap’s UK Managing Director told us: “We are delighted to welcome Sharp’s on board and are looking forward to building a long term relationship with them. This announcement reinforces our message that accurate container management is a necessary business requirement for brewers of all sizes, not just the very large players. Issues such as fleet oversizing, innacurate asset valuation, keg / cask theft and losses etc. deeply affects the bottom line of any size of business, and our solution is designed to enable individual customers to overcome them, whilst also providing dynamic modeling capabilities never seen before in the brewing industry. The way we collect information in all of our verticals (not just brewing) is in an impartial, collaborative, non-competitive manner that helps an industry as a whole. We believe that VisibiliTy 4.0 for brewing is the most powerful solution on the market today. ”

David Adams, InteliTap CEO said: “Visibility 4.0 for the brewing industry is built on ten years experience in the Auto-ID tracking arena, combined with specialist, impartial and unique brewery supply chain knowledge. It fuses technology with supply chain process knowledge that as you can see from the Sharp’s example, is specifically designed to support sensible business decisions that genuinely impact the bottom line. We have a policy of only recommending a type of technology if it is appropriate – we always start with solving the business problem, never the data capture method, unlike some solution providers. Whatever the method, the main concept with VisibiliTy is that it enables customers to clearly understand their asset fleets in terms of location, accurate population, cycle times and losses. These assets could be beer kegs or casks, or in the case of other industries, items such as rollcages, tote boxes, food shipping containers, high- value plant or hire equipment, or even mobile assets such as mobile phones or laptops.”

The VisibiliTy software is a standards-based solution that operates in a user-friendly robust web enabled environment. It is specifically designed to obtain, process and report individual container contents, movements, maintenance, usage and efficiency, using Auto ID technologies like barcodes, GPS and RFID to capture information. VisibiliTy tracks information on assets & contents in the past, present and can be used to predict the future, meaning that InteliTap helps customers to make educated business decisions and processes that can be implemented with confidence.

The web-based framework, including a configurable, personalised dashboard, enables users to view and report on asset fleets at their desktop or remotely. It’s flexible and scalable nature provides customised workflow and business rules configuration, with integration to existing systems and processes.



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About Sharps Brewery

Sharp’s Brewery was founded at Rock in Cornwall in 1994. In the intervening period Sharp’s has grown to become the largest brewer of cask beer in the South West and the brand owner of Doom Bar, one of the UK’s fastest growing cask beer brands.