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Press release October 6, 2009 Science

An scara robot and barcode reader, provides the basic platform for automated analysis. Combine a TPS24 liquid handler for reagent/antibody addition, an incubator, plate washer and a plate reader for automated ELISA.

Our systems can perform most ELISA assays. With Overlord2 advanced scheduling software and precise liquid-handling, our automated workstations eliminate operator error and variation, thus ensuring the secure and repeatable analysis required in all critical applications: immunology, infectious disease, food allergens, toxicology.

Our flexible workstations provide the right level of automation - to handle just a few plates per day or hundreds and can combine all the other instruments required to perform an ELISA: the TPS24 liquid handling system, for the addition of antibodies and reagents, incubators, plate washers and plate readers combined with sample tracking and LIMS interface.

For added convenience and safety these instruments may be installed in an safecel bench and enclosure.

  • Obtain the most cost effective solution for your assay by choosing the most appropriate instruments and level of automation for your application
  • Boost your productivity by running unattended assays
  • Reduce data variability by minimizing operator interactions
  • Save time by eliminating tedious manual steps

All instruments in the ELISA workstation are controlled by Overlord2 scheduling software, enabling the work flow to be easily modified and optimized.

Overlord2's extensive driver library provides for over 300 different instruments to be integrated into the ELISA workstation enabling the optimal system to be created.