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Press release July 1, 2008

Artingence have finally discovered a solution to cut costs and pollution for call centres.

Imagine a call centre with 200 (or 2000) live agents

Imagine the size of the office and the car park

All the cars and even public transport one the road every day

Then think about the heating, air conditioning and lighting power requirements
especially as many of these offices operate all day, every day

All the computers and screens

And of course staff turnover is typically quite high in this minimum wage environment, so the recruitment and training departments are always a significant size themselves as the constant throughput of new recruits are hired and trained.

Now imagine a call centre where there were only virtual agents

The floor space of the building and car park will be a fraction of the size of the traditional call centre.

Travel demands would be greatly reduced, both in fuel emission terms and general traffic levels.

Facility energy demands drop to a fraction of the traditional centre as the lower floor space requirements is less and so less lighting, heating and power are required. There will be far fewer computers and computer monitors required which means less environmentally damaging waste as well as less power demands.

The artificially intelligent call centre is more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than a traditional centre, it really is the Green Call CentreTM.

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