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Artingence - the environmentally friendly call centre.

Press release June 18, 2008

Artingence are creating a call centre that is more cost effective than a traditional call centre and also more environmentally friendly.

Imagine a call centre with 200 live agents, the size of the office and the car park; then think about the power and air conditioning required for this amount of people. And of course staff turnover is typically quite high in this minimum wage environment, so the recruitment and training departments are always a significant size themselves as the constant throughput of new recruits are hired and trained. Now imagine a call centre where there are 200 virtual computerised agents, the floor space and energy demands drop to a fraction of the traditional centre.

Instead of constantly just bringing new recruits up to minimum standards, the virtual staff will all be trained to the same high level with no extra input required as more agents are added to the staff. A call centre staffed by agents who consistently perform at the highest level, never take a day off sick, cost a fraction of the usual price and don't need holidays, heating, lighting or even the toilet would greatly reduce a company┬┤s carbon footprint.