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Artingence plc – An end to frustrating call centres?

Press release June 19, 2008

Artingence plc aim to revolutionise the ailing call centre industry with their new product.

Call centres have become a problem not just for the customer but also for the staff working within them. It is a subject that divides the nation and provokes extreme reactions from many people.

Anyone who has worked in a call centre knows that this is a stressful environment to work in and verbal abuse is a regular part of the job.

An article from the BBC said:
"A recent study for the Health and Safety Executive show that the risk of mental health problems is higher for people working in this industry."

Artingence plc are determined to do away with the problematic issues that currently dog call centres, such as being left on hold for hours on end, being passed from one department to another, and trying to understand the different accents of the call centre staff.

They are currently designing a product that will do away with being left on hold and understanding various accents, the Artificially intelligent call centre will be staffed by artificially intelligent software agents that have been trained just like human agents.