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Press release May 13, 2008 IT

Artingence the artificially intellegent call centre

"We are currently experiencing an unusually high volume of calls, your call is important to us, you are being held in a queue."

How many times have you heard that? What it really means is: "we don't have enough staff here right now; it's not cost effective for us to have enough of them here to answer all of the calls that we know that we are going to get at this time of day, so you'll just have to wait".

The Artificially Intelligent Call CentreTM will make this problem disappear.

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) allows us to dramatically improve the call centre experience. The Artificially Intelligent Call Centre will be staffed by artificially intelligent software agents that have been trained just like human agents, but:

  • They perform at the highest level all the time, providing consistently excellent customer service
  • They cost a fraction of a human agent, staffing and management overheads are dramatically reduced
  • Maximum capacity is always available and extra capacity is available on demand

Call centres have grown to become a part of our everyday lives, we're forced to use them for everything and it's not always a pleasant or productive experience. We've all experienced navigating the menus, being on hold, proving who we are then explaining what we want to a series of people, on hold in between each. And then the quality, the communication skills and the helpfulness of the people we speak to are not always of a consistently high level.

Whilst the experience for the consumer can be frustrating, the challenges that the call centres face in recruitment, training and management are immense. There is a constant struggle to find enough of the right people and to ensure that they deliver a quality service at a consistent level. Market forces have driven many call centres to offshore locations, but many people feel that this has made communication and quality even worse.

Imagine if there was a better way. What if the call centre companies didn't have to worry about recruiting staff and managing them? Imagine the costs saving in staff and management!

What if the new agents had consistently high performance and quality? Imagine the customer satisfaction! The lack of a need for massive pools of cheap labour would mean the call centre could come back from foreign shores creating high-grade, information economy jobs unlike the minimum-wage call centres.

The AI Call CentreTM will be staffed by software agents that have been trained in specific areas of the business (as human agents are today). But of course, the training will only need to be done only once, not every time a new recruit is hired.

The Artificially Intelligent Directed Agent, known as Aida works so well in the call centre because:

  • It costs a fraction of a human agent
  • Maximum capacity is always available
  • Extra capacity is available on demand
  • All of the agents are top quality, fully trained

Even where calls are thought to be too complex for Aida, it will be able to do initial security checks and direct the call to the relevant human agent - freeing up valuable live call time and reducing staffing levels.

As experience with the system grows, more and more type of call will be processed by Aida as the cost, management and quality benefits become clear.

The customer experience will be enhanced by always getting a top quality call, but more than this:

  • You'll be able to personalise features of the agent to suit you best, features such as name, gender, sound of the voice (as you can with some SatNav systems)
  • You can decide how you want to be addressed (i.e. ‘Mr Smith' or ‘John')
  • Your voice print could be used for identification for added security

All too often, call centres are seen as a way to manage costs rather than enhance customer service quality, the focus has been on throughput and call duration, pressuring the agents to perform rather than investing in new technology that would dramatically improve customer service. Artingence offers a new approach, a totally integrated system that know all about the customer, every agent performs at the highest level, all the time, every time. Aida will give the customer what they want and more and she doesn't get tired and miss something because she's having an off day, every day is peak performance, 24 hours a day.

Artingence will revolutionise the whole call centre industry, for more information, please email us at [email protected] or visit us at