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Are IT jobs immune from the Credit Crunch?

Press release February 27, 2009 IT

Despite the recent downturn it appears the IT sector more than any other is still creating excellent job opportunities with being inundated with IT vacancies from around the globe in its first few days of launch

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IT vacancies are still in abundance despite the Credit Crunch it is one area that still continues to grow as it splits into ever more specialisms.  It is little wonder that in a recent survey more graduates said they were looking to gain roles in IT than any other vocation.  Will it lead to an oversupply?  Well IT as we now think of it has been with us for over twenty years and apart from minor blips has grown continuously and with ever more countries developing into serious global economies the potential is there for more growth.

The Credit Crunch we are in has been compared more than any other downturn in the worlds economies to the 1930's depression but one sector more than any other was at that time still in its infancy, IT.  It was still vacuum tubes in rooms the size of football stadiums but with the power of a modern day calculator and real bugs in the system causing the engineers problems (moths were attracted to the heat of the vacuum tubes and used to cause problems with the system hence the saying 'bugs in the system). a free worldwide jobboard and social network in its first few days of launch was inundated with hundreds of global IT vacancies from leading Employers and Recruiters.  ElanIT Europe's largest IT recruiter quickly added hundreds of vacancies and a micro-site in the battle to attract the best IT talent with many other IT recruiters are now following.

Before the Crunch Investment Banking professionals were reputedly earning around 40% more than there professional counterparts but with both their salaries and bonuses set to drop it's IT that offers would be graduates or restrainers the opportunity to be the best and brightest and be paid handsomely for it.

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