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Are companies throwing away their futures by making staff redundant?

Press release January 23, 2009 Business

Redundancies can appear the only option for ailing businesses, but companies need good employees to recover - and TAM Restart can help them.

As the credit crunch forces businesses to make tough decisions fast, Philip Webb, chief executive of TAM (UK) plc, maintains that for many companies the obvious option – to cut employee numbers – can obstruct a speedy return to profitability.

“Companies who lose staff are likely to retrench to a lower level of activity, while those who retain people and change create more opportunities to recover,” claims Webb.

But when orders and sales dry up and there is no work for staff, isn’t retaining them just going to drain more cash from the company?

Every employee offers a company value through their expertise, experience, business relationships or personal commitment, often developed through direct investment by the company itself. Few companies want to bear the cost of an expensive machine lying idle and neither do they want to bear the cost of valuable employees who are under employed, but while a machine is limited in function, people offer inexhaustible flexibility and innovation: key qualities for meeting the challenges of difficult market conditions.

Philip Webb is well aware of this as head of TAM, which works with organisations to identify and implement fundamental organisational changes fast by utilising the value of people. Its Team Action Management (TAM™) programme, developed from a 10-year scientific and psychological research programme at Stanford Research Institute, has a successful track record in assisting company turnarounds, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and in situations where instant but lasting results are a priority.

“TAM is the fastest organisational change agent on the market,” continues Webb. “It is particularly effective in enabling rapid directional change where redeployment of resources is needed with maximum support from staff.

“TAM engages all people involved to support the required changes, modify processes and plans, and to produce a strategic plans that can be implemented for fast results.”

Recognising the severity of the current economic slowdown, TAM has introduced a concentrated Restart programme to enable businesses to introduce organisational change fast and apply their valuable employee resources to maintain viability and secure their future existence.

With Restart, Philip Webb is optimistic that fewer businesses will be forced to make valued employees redundant in order to weather harsh trading conditions.

• For full details of Restart, please call Philip Webb, chief executive of TAM plc, on 07711 008350 or any of the dedicated TAM team on 0114 299 8885, or visit