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Ardyss Body Magic the New Innovation in Body Shapers

Press release February 8, 2011 Fashion

Body Magic Plus have listened to our body complaints and until we can live with our wobbles they have introduced the new revolution in Body Shapers

Body Shapers

 Women and Men alike no matter what their size are not happy with their bodies.  Even a size 6 woman will not be comfortable with her saggy bum or wobbly bits.  Many people have tried every diet or exercise regime just to improve the part of their body that they have grown to hate.  Magic Body Plus have listened to our body complaints and until we can live with our wobbles they have introduced the new revolution in Body Shapers.

Body Magic is exactly what it is; it drops you down 2-3 sizes instantly, meaning thinner waste, hips, thighs and a pain free bottom lift.  This Controlling Underwear not only helps you hide those bulges, it is also unique by the fact that it has health benefits. 

Ardyss Body Shapers have been designed by an orthopaedic surgeon, crafted with special medically graded fabric, Powernet.  Using revolutionary micro-massaging actions, it supports the water retention system making you feel and look great.  Ardyss Shapewear also supports the back and spine giving better posture relieving and preventing lower back pain.  Making this product a none gimmick slim down.

Dee owner and reseller of Ardyss Body Shaper talked to us about this innovation in Body Shapers "Just like my customers, I have tried and tested controlled underwear to be very dissapointed in the results.  Feedback from both men and women is that once tried, they could not live without the Ardyss underwear and due to recomendations it has lead to a bigger demand"

The great thing is that Magic Body Plus have recognised that it's not just women who are unhappy with their bodies; men also have hangups about their bums and tums so they have dedicated an underwear range just for men.

Curious about this new slim down product, as a team we tried it out and we all agreed that we couldn't believe the results.  Tried and tested this is definately an underwear that really does pull in those bits of our bodies that we have grown to hate.

To try it out yourself visit you will be impressed with the result