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Aqua CMS Content Management System Launched April 2008!

Press release May 10, 2008 IT

LTS Media Ltd, the London based Online Consultancy Firm, has launched its latest technology prodigy, AQUA Content Management System, on April 9th 2008.

AQUA CMS is a powerful Content Management System perfect for Design Agencies, PR & Marketing Agencies as well as Communication Departments, delivering ease of use, great features and comfort in administering any type of website.

Aqua CMS is incredible easy to use, enabling clients to quickly control the potential of the various functionalities without the need of any knowledge of programming. In addition, the system includes a build in e-commerce solution that easily integrates with PayPal, Protx, Barclays EPDQ and World Pay. Among the many features, including a very advanced user management system, Aqua CMS also offers support for Google Sitemaps and RSS. A lot of interesting and useful elements have been put in place with Aqua CMS allowing any changes made to be displayed in real time. Finally, the system provides a powerful Publish Anything Anywhere engine (meaning that you can put content almost anywhere on the page). Aqua CMS is a web-based system that allows users and editors to administer a site from any location as long as they have access to an Internet browser.

In terms of creativity and web design, Aqua CMS simplifies the management of images, documents and videos and provides a powerful template creator allowing for almost any type of design. Aqua CMS is build on the popular PHP and Mysql and enables a basic PHP programmer to expand the functionality of the system exponentially via a droplet system.

LTS Medias Creative Director Ray Noppe created Aqua CMS, originally known as Widgetsprocket, 7 years ago. Working hand in hand with their clients, the system has since undergone progressive transformations with impressive results. The name change to Aqua CMS and new launch on April 9th 2008 underlines the solid and consistent performance the system has already delivered to many satisfied clients aiming at dedicated website owners and managers. 

Aqua CMS is downloadable for free at
Different support packages are also available including monthly maintenance for alterations, data entry and general management of website content.

For more information:
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