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Press release June 29, 2010 IT

Suggestions that MS Windows 8 might well mimic certain Apple features such as slate computing, connectivity and face recognition have been noted across Mac and PC news websites. The company’s Frank X Shaw penned a navel-gazing missive to staff, a full transcript of which was picked up by All Things Digital, late last week. The leaked documents reveal the expected release date of windows 8 as "sometime in 2012". However, despite the watermarks strewn across each slide, many pages are marked with "Windows 8 Discussion - this is not a plan of record"

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Recent News from NLMS:

Nokia take the mickey out of the iPhone 4's poor signal and antennae issues. The post, which appeared on the company's official blog, is entitled "how do you hold your Nokia?" and shows four different ways of gripping your favourite mobile phone, each of which apparently guarantee that signal reception will remain robust throughout. Shown on its official Nokia conversations blog, the piece may not explicitly name-check Apple but it is easy to see which company it is taking the Michael out of.

Apple says it sold 1.7m iPhone 4s in its first three days, a record for the newest version of its top-selling product, and the company could have sold more but for production constraints. The news comes alongside reports that availability is dwindling in the UK. Continuing the supply troubles that the fruit themed company has had, the official launch date for the shiny new toy was 24 June, but even before then the UK Apple online store had July dates for shipment.

Although North London Mac Support don't provide repairs for the iPhone range of Apple mobile phones they concentrate their expertise in Mac Repair and Apple Support for the range of desktop and portable computers such as the Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro line of high-end computer systems.

Here NLMS pick up on the baby of the portable range: The MacBook Pro 13-inch:

The smallest of the MacBook Pro family, in the Apple line-up - the 13-inch - is more like Apple's white polycarbonate consumer MacBook laptop. The main difference is MacBook Pro 13 is aluminium, making it both stronger and more recyclable, compared to the hard plastic Poly shell of the MacBook, which has the same size screen.

The MBP 13 has a Core 2 Duo CPU like the MacBook, too, whereas Apple's latest professional laptops use faster, later generation Intel i5 and i7 chips in the bigger 15-inch and 17-inch versions. So why would you buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro? Certainly not for raw processor speed. The 15 and 17-inch versions with their newer chip generations are faster.

North London Mac Support (NLMS) offer a fast and efficient repair and upgrade service for the complete MacBook and MacBook Pro line-up which includes the original versions from 2006 up to the present. If you need extra space to store your files consider a hard drive upgrade which North London Mac Support (NLMS) can perform quickly, affordably and include transferring all your data. Hard Disk Drives are larger and cheaper than ever before so it could make sense to enlist the experts at North London Mac Support (NLMS) to replace or upgrade your Mac Hard Drive today. If you make good use of your Mac optical drive (aka Apple Superdrive) and it has trouble reading or writing CD or DVD media, it's possible for North London Mac Support (NLMS) to repair or replace it so you can watch DVD's or backup again.

With an abundance of Mac users choosing an Apple laptop these days such as the Macbook or MacBook Pro, more reports of accidental damage come our way. This also includes liquid spillage such as water spill, beer spill, wine spill, coffee spill, tea spill, milk spill, etc. North London Mac Support (NLMS) are experts not only for Mac upgrades and Apple Repairs but also in Apple Mac Accident Damage repair and resolving Liquid Spills for Mac users throughout London and the United Kingdom.

In a nutshell, North London Mac Support (NLMS) are available to help you by offering a fast repair for any Apple computer or Mac device so get your Mac repaired today. North London Mac Support (NLMS) provide expert Apple support independently from Apple Inc and love nothing less than to get your MacBook or MacBook Pro repaired, fixed and both of you working or playing again.

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North London Mac Support (NLMS) can repair, resolve and fix all Apple Mac computer problems for Mac users across Greater London and the South-East of England so book your faulty Mac in for the finest Mac repair service in the capital.