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Anthem Chiropractic In Las Vegas, Helps Auto-Accident Injury Victims Find Relief

Press release December 4, 2014 Henderson NV Chiropractor

Anthem Chiropractic clinic provides relief from pain and recovery from injuries incurred in automobile accidents. The techniques do not include surgical procedures or drugs.

Henderson NV, 04-DECEMBER-2014 - Anthem Chiropractic and Dr. Derek Day, DC are pleased to announce that those who have suffered automobile accidents are able to find relief, thanks to the work of chiropractic techniques. The Henderson NV Chiropractor assures victims that consulting with his office as soon as possible following the accident is likely to reduce the pain level and speed recovery. Chiropractic care means less chance of the development of chronic pain.

Auto accidents are often whiplash type, in which the muscles and connective tissues of the neck are hyper-extended due to the head's rapid movement forward and backward or from side to side, depending upon the direction of the impact. The soft tissue injuries can cause spinal misalignment, which can in turn cause other pain symptoms.

Automobile accidents have many direct effects, but they also have indirect effects which can last for years if they are not addressed. It is for this reason that Dr. Day recommends setting up a consultation with his office to determine if there are injuries which may not be completely obvious at the time of the collision. He has the skills and abilities to identify problems which can arise from certain types of injuries and address them before them become worse.

The chiropractic methods include techniques designed to reduce soft tissue irritation, swelling and pain. Massage, heat and cold therapy and ultra-sound all can improve circulation, which in turn helps the body to heal. To realign the spinal column, including the cervical vertebrae, the doctor will check for subluxations and use spinal adjustment to correct the misalignment.

Learn more about recovery from automobile accident pain with a visit to the website at today. Members of the press and those who have questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Day at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Derek Day, DC
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