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An emergency number that always makes contact

Press release August 26, 2009 Health

Contact4Me is a solution, to aid identification, enable next of kin contact and provide medical alerts, should the unforeseen happen. This personal emergency contact service, is available online and accessible via an emergency helpline

If you, or a loved one, were taken ill, or involved in an accident, 
just how easy would it be for the emergency services to get in 
contact with family or a carer?

By the time they had searched through your belongings and pockets, 
would they have the right number to call? And if that person were 
engaged or not available, what then?

Over the past few years, thousands of people have come to rely on a 
neat little card called ‘Contact4me’. By joining Contact4Me and 
paying a modest monthly subscription (approximately £1 per month) you 
have various items of identification which carry a telephone number to access a 24/7 helpline. A call to that number from emergency services gives them instant access not just to one personal contact name and number… but up to ten plus any medical alerts. Moreover, the list can be constantly and easily be updated.

“We’re finding that many of our cards are carried by those with 
conditions such as mild Alzheimer’s,” says the company founder Sue 
Salik. “If they are out, and become disorientated, that card will 
make sure they get home safely to their carer”.

Additionally carers carry the card so that if they are unable to make contact due to an emergency, details of whom they are caring for or their team leader can be found.

“Other people buy them for their children / grandchildren – guaranteeing that 
emergency contact can be made even if they are travelling abroad. 
Younger children can wear a bracelet in case they get separated. A 
number of sheltered housing schemes have also equipped their residents with the system, and we do offer significant discounts for multiple users”.

“What you get with the Contact4Me card is peace of mind for just a 
few pence a day,” says Sue. “We can’t stop anyone becoming ill, or 
lost or hurt. But we can make sure that if that happens, the emergency services will be  
put in touch with someone of their choice right away.”

To find out more or to join, you can contact Contact4Me on 0870 389 2299 or go 
online to