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All the Top Bananas Unveils One-of-a-Kind Mobile Careers Search App

Press release February 19, 2013 Business

Revolutionary Approach to Job-Hunting Launched by Pioneering UK Service

All the Top Bananas has lifted the lid on a new service set to revolutionise the job-seeking market of the UK, for the first time taking the search and application process mobile for the masses. Having already built an incredibly strong presence online and a reputation to be proud of, the team has this week furthered its efforts with the launch of its brand-new mobile app – 100% free of charge for the public.

The firm’s on-going ethos has long been to bridge the gaps in the services and offerings of other UK career specialists – today’s news clarifying just how extensive the efforts of All the Top Bananas have been in 2013 already.

Exclusive Design

“Our Internet job search engine is exclusively designed to quickly help you to find the very best choice of the thousands of newly advertised jobs from across the Internet.” – All the Top Bananas

What makes All the Top Bananas such a standout example is the way in which the site and service as a whole has been tailored 100% in line with the needs of the real-world jobseeker – not only those with advanced computer literacy and abundant time to waste.

As such, the site has been created to offer the simplest access possible to tens of thousands of careers and openings. From the highest-end Cambridge IT jobs right through to entry-level Glasgow staff nurse jobs for graduates and all others besides, if there’s a job to be had in the UK, chances are All the Top Bananas will showcase it.

Keeping it Simple

“Our online form is all you will need to complete to ensure your CV is distributed to all appropriate Job Boards and Key employers. We will also email you with new jobs, which matched your search criteria.” – All the Top Bananas

The simpler the search and application process, the higher the motivation to get out there and hunt down jobs – precisely the ethos behind the All the Top Bananas concept as a whole. This really is job-seeking Nirvana for the 21st century and has come along not a minute too soon.

About All the Top Bananas:

All the Top Bananas is a revolutionary new job-seeking service for the UK, which has been launched to offer the simplest, fastest and most effective means to date of searching for careers. Along with the standard online search engine and application system, the team has also put together a one-of-a-kind mobile app, which allows users and site members to search and apply for their ideal posts, 24 hours a day and from anywhere. Check them out at manager.aspx?browsetownid=31550 today.