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All the Top Bananas Sets Out to Change the Face of Online Recruitment

Press release February 19, 2013 Business

Elite Careers Service Unveils Fresh Approach for UK Jobseekers

:All the Top Bananas has this week taken huge pleasure in presenting the jobseekers of the UK with an all-new online resources for tracking down job vacancies covering every imaginable industry area. Having picked up on a series of inadequacies presented by existing online job portals and careers search engines, the team behind All the Top Bananas has create a revolutionary new system whereby job searching, application submission and use of online CV directory services is easier than ever before.

As of right now, the most comprehensive listing of UK job vacancies ever presented is readily and freely accessible from both home and mobile internet connections alike. It is the hope of All the Top Bananas that opening up such an easy-to-use, bright and dynamic resource will bring enormous benefits for both the jobseekers and head-hunters of the UK alike.

One Simple Step

“Our online form is all you will need to complete to ensure your CV is distributed to all appropriate Job Boards and Key employers. We will also email you with new jobs, which matched your search criteria.” – All the Top Bananas

According to the UK’s leading specialists in the jobseeking, one of the primary obstacles standing in the way of thousands and the posts they’ve been dreaming of is nothing more than the inability to actually track down the posts in the first place. Online recruitment sites can be as convoluted as they are abundant, meaning that more often than not it is frankly impossible to know where and how to get started.

The above represents the primary goal of the All the Top Bananas online efforts – to create a resource that offers 100% comprehensive job listings which are not only updated in real-time, but also could not be easier to apply for. Whether targeting the best jobs for engineersin the UK or local jobs in Portsmouth, all it takes is the filling out of a single form to set the ball rolling and remove so much of the unnecessary legwork and stress for jobseekers.

Purpose Built

“Our Internet job search engine is exclusively designed to quickly help you to find the very best choice of the thousands of newly advertised jobs from across the Internet.” – All the Top Bananas

All the Top Bananas has been built from the ground up with nothing but the convenience and benefit of jobseekers in mind – a unique resource for the UK.

About All the Top Bananas:

All the Top Bananas is a revolutionary new job-seeking service for the UK, which has been launched to offer the simplest, fastest and most effective means to date of searching for careers. Along with the standard online search engine and application system, the team has also put together a one-of-a-kind mobile app, which allows users and site members to search and apply for their ideal posts, 24 hours a day and from anywhere. Check them out at today.