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All the Top Bananas Announces Launch of Brand New Career Search Engine

Press release January 21, 2013 Business

Jobseekers Given New Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Posts

London, January 17th, 2013:

All the Top Bananas is proud to announce the launch of its all-new world-class search engine for jobseekers, bringing to light hundreds of thousands of local and national posts updated in real-time. The first full-scale vacancy aggregation site of its kind in the UK, the new service invites users to enter just a few simple details in order to find their ideally suited posts spanning the length and breadth of the nation.

Having picked up on the complexity and unreliability of standard career sites and search facilities, All the Top Bananasrepresents the most effective service to date for jobseekers across the spectrum. The service is fast, free and covers everything from Coventry chef jobs to trainee positions in Sheffield. The concept is already drawing enormous praise from the UK’s leading jobseekers’ authorities.

Real Time, All the Time

“Our Internet job search engine is exclusively designed to quickly help you to find the very best choice of the thousands of newly advertised jobs from across the Internet.” – All the Top Bananas

All the Top Bananas has been created using the most innovative and creative technology, in order to allow all job postings to be listed in real-time. This in turn means that the very moment an employer has a vacancy for it jobs in cambridge for example, they will be on the site and ready to apply for. No waiting for classified, no trips to job centres and thus no chance of missing out on a perfect post.

The team behind the project has made every effort to remove every shred of complexity and convolution from the application process, instead focusing on the very best way to match the jobseekers of the UK with their ideally suited posts in seconds.

Fast, Free and Effective

“Our online form is all you will need to complete to ensure your CV is distributed to all appropriate Job Boards and Key employers. We will also email you with new jobs, which matched your search criteria.” – All the Top Bananas

All the Top Bananas has officially opened its doors to the job-seeking public of the UK and asks nothing more than a few simple, straightforward details to help those with a desire to secure a post find that post and nail it first time.

About All the Top Bananas:

All the Top Bananas is a revolutionary new job-seeking service for the UK, which has been launched to offer the simplest, fastest and most effective means to date of searching for careers. Along with the standard online search engine and application system, the team has also put together a one-of-a-kind mobile app, which allows users and site members to search and apply for their ideal posts, 24 hours a day and from anywhere. Check them out at today.