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Al Fresco Bingo

Press release March 25, 2010 Nature

The first signs of spring have seen bingoers across the UK flocking to their gardens to enjoy a spot of al fresco bingo.

After one of the coldest winters for decades, an increase in temperatures has provided welcome relief to sun starved Brits hoping to cast aside their winter blues.

Bingo, once confined to dingy halls, is now available anytime, anywhere online, allowing the UK’s 500,000 regular players the chance to win money whenever they want.

With online bingo more popular than ever and a rise in the number of homes with a wireless internet connection, record numbers are expected to compete for big cash prizes in the sunshine this year.

Rob Hutchison who runs bingo comparison website says he can understand why so many people are choosing to play bingo outdoors.

He said: “With the sun finally making an appearance and temperatures picking up I can see why people would want to enjoy the weather and their favourite hobby at the same time.

“We’ve heard of people playing bingo in the kitchen, lounge, garage and even the bath, so why not outdoors?

“Al fresco bingo isn’t confined to gardens either, I’ve heard stories of groups of student playing on campus between lectures and even office workers nipping to the local park for a quick game at lunch.

“The UK’s weather is always a bit of a lottery but there’s always the option to bring the laptop back indoors if things take a turn for the worse, if anything it makes a game even more exciting.

“My al fresco bingo survival kit would include a drink, sunglasses and maybe even some sun cream, although in March that may be a little ambitious.”

Donna, a bingo fanatic from Cardiff says she loves playing bingo outdoors even if it can be a little embarrassing.

She said: “I love it when the sun comes out and I can go and enjoy a fun game in the garden. It’s really relaxing playing in a comfy chair with a nice cold drink, sometimes I can while away a whole afternoon without realising.

“I have to admit though it is a little embarrassing when I shout out ‘HOUSE’ and the neighbours peer over at me with a baffled looks on their faces.”

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