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Akshay Kumar, brings audiences the biggest comedy hit of 2009 -‘De Dana Dan’, releasing in UK and worldwide on 27th November 2009!

Press release November 24, 2009 Multimedia

Bollywood audiences across the globe, prepare for a laugh-out-loud comedy riot as the biggest entertainer of 2009, Eros International’s ‘De Dana Dan’, starring Akshay Kumar, releases in UK and worldwide on 27th November 2009. The comedy genius delivers another Box Office smashing performance in what promises to be the comedy hit of the year!

Rib-tickling caper, De Dana Dan’, unites the ‘Hera Pheri’gang once more, teaming up directing talent Priyadarshan with acting tour de force, Akshay. The film tells the story of two friends, struggling to make ends meet but dreaming of riches and facing ultimatums from their girlfriends to earn as much money as they can in return for their hands in marriage, causing them to go to extreme lengths to fulfill their respective love’s wishes. A backfired kidnapping, mistaken identities, a hired assassin and an assortment of characters met along the way ranging from a Chinese don to a young, frustrated wife make for a multiple-laughs movie!

Akshay Kumar plays ‘Nitin’. He works like a dog and is treated worse than a dog by the meanest ‘malkin’ in Singapore. His rich girlfriend has given him an ultimatum, – marry me or I marry someone else. He’s desperately in love and desperate to make money. Double desperation will lead him into desperate situations. Akshay, the hard core action hero discovered his funny bone in Priyadarshan’s ‘Hera Pheri’ and hasn’t looked back since. As Priyadarshan and Akshay come together once again, what ensues is nothing less than De Dana Dan!!

The shooting in Singapore, at locations such as the breathtaking Pan-Pacific Hotel, started with a memorable bang….a bang of two Mercedes Benz colliding in the first shot, on the very first day! From then onwards it was a roller-coaster ride. The unit always had time for a good game of cricket, while Friday nights was party time at Clarke Quay. The security had to devise new ways and routes to take Akshay and his fellow stars to and from locations due to large crowds of Indians in Singapore. But Akshay kept the crowd entertained while trying to teach the remaining cast to play the hula hoop! The movie was shot over 80 days.

‘De Dana Dan’ explodes on cinema screens across UK and worldwide on 27th November 2009!