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Aerobie Pro Ring – The Worlds’ Best Ever Flying Ring?

Press release May 5, 2010 Sport

The most advanced throwing toy of its kind; today we take a closer look at the Aerobie Pro Ring.

Since the birth of the Aerobie brand in 1984, children and adults alike have been enjoying these innovative sports toys. Aerobie products are a lot more than just a simple flying disc or any other flying toy, they incorporate advanced aerodynamic technology which allows them to perform better than any other product on the market; so much so that Aerobie offer flying toys for beginner, intermediate and advanced throwers. Aerobie products range from the Aerobie Football to the Aerobie LED Skylighter, the Aerobie Sprint Ring to the Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang, not forgetting of course, the Aerobie Pro Ring! 

The Aerobie Pro Ring

The Aerobie Pro Ring holds the Guinness World Record for being the Furthest Thrown Flying Object, with an astonishing distance of 1,333 feet; equivalent to 406 Meters...... That is over ¼ of a Mile!!! The sheer distances that this toy can cover allows it to reach out to users of all ages, not just children.

The Pro Ring is not only renowned for its ridiculously long flights; it has also shocked many users with its stable and consistent flying capabilities. The ring can be manipulated (bent) to allow the thrower to further tune the Pro Ring into their style of throwing, thus further helping to ensure true and stable flights. The flight of the Aerobie Pro Ring is often referred to as being like “A puck on an invisible sheet of ice”.

Regardless of its otherwise unheard of flying capabilities the Pro Ring is first and foremost a recreational toy to be enjoyed by all, it therefore has soft rubber edges ensuring safe and comfortable catches whatever speed or distance it is thrown. The Ring has a large 13 inch diameter which allows easier collection whilst in the air.

As we live in a more and more health conscious world, parents are often looking for ways to pull their children away from their TV screens and encourage a more active lifestyle. The Aerobie Pro ring does not only offer fun for the whole family, it is also a fantastic means of exercise and an excellent toy to be used in a social outdoor environment.

Aerobie products are widely available across the internet; one of the companies with most comprehensive range would be They stock a full range of Aerobie Flying products, including the Aerobie Pro Ring and much more.