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Advice on finding Apple Repairs in London

Press release May 21, 2010 IT

Do you need advice on choosing a London Based Apple Repair or Mac Support Service?

North London Mac Support (NLMS) get a number of reported problems most frequently experienced by Mac users related to their Hard Drive failing or their SuperDrive no longer reading or writing CD's or DVD's.  Over time, these components are prone to problems or failure do to their continued use spanning the working life of an Apple Desktop Computer however we find that portable Mac's such as the PowerBook G4, MacBook and MacBook Pro are more likely to suffer. Being unserviceable parts when a Hard Disk or CD-DVD Drive fails you can only resort to a replacement part being fitted.  If you are fortunate you will find that your data is still safe, however in a worst case scenario it could have corrupted or you may have lost access to your files and folders. This can also cause frequent crashing or freezing and error message such as a kernel panic.
As North London Mac Support (NLMS) are an extremely experienced and reliable Apple Support service operating in London who offer their Mac specialist troubleshooting service in case like component failure and data corruption. The difference with North London Mac Support (NLMS) is that their diagnostic service is completely free (ie, no cost to you whatsoever) so it really does make perfect sense to get in touch and take full advantage of the very rare service available to all London Mac users who are looking for Mac advice, a fast repair or technical support on their Apple Intel-based computer problems. This 100% free troubleshooting service usually costs between £30 and £60 at other Apple Mac repair centres across the capital and as NLMS offer this deal without any obligation to proceed with any repair or upgrade they may advise it seems to be the very best deal around to get to the root of any problems your Apple iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac mini is experiencing right now.

These days, if you find the right service, you will find that repair costs on out of warranty Apple Macintosh computers are mostly affordable which often means that you will usually not need to buy a new Apple Mac Computer and can get your existing machine successfully repaired and/or data restored. Provided the service you choose adheres to sourcing and using only genuine Apple parts and have the know-how and technical ability to ensure a swift, first-time-fix without fuss it really is the way to go. It's incredible at times but often the problem can be quite simple, however it can still make your Mac completely unusable.

Logic board issues are most feared and are quite uncommon. Being the 'brain' and/or 'nervous system' of your Mac laptop or Apple desktop if your Logic Board (motherboard, main board)fails on you it immediately renders your system disabled and unfortunately it also leaves your files, documents, photos and information completely inaccessible. Again, if you find the right Mac support service a logic board problem might not necessarily be that expensive to resolve. In some cases it's quite easy and doable to replace or repair rather than having to get a completely new part fitted and tested.

Another frequently reported problem mainly for the portable Mac range, the MacBook and MacBook Pro; the faulty or accident damaged LCD screen (LED displays are used in newer Apple laptop models).  North London Mac Support (NLMS) can offer their expertise and advise you on how best to resolve this - whether it's a replacement or repair. Modern LCD and LED panels can also suffer from dead pixels, stripes, lines and other markings all of which obscure the image on screen and make using your Apple Mac difficult or frustrating.  Using only genuine parts NLMS are happy to replace dead or non-working screens at prices very hard to find elsewhere in the United Kingdom, let alone Greater London.

All in all, it's a very sensible decision to contact North London Mac Support when you have a problem or issue with your Apple Macintosh computer - iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini or Mac Pro.

Being independent and unaffiliated with Apple means you are ensured to receive the very best impartial advice and technical support on all your Mac related queries or questions.

Simply visit the website for further information or call anytime on 08445 882 322 for the finest Apple Mac repairs and support in London.

North London Mac Support (NLMS)