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Acquire Tops Twitter with ‘My Message’ as RSS Tool for Digital Signage Resellers

Press release November 5, 2009 Multimedia

Acquire has added Twitter and Atom feed content compatibility to its digital signage players. But has also gone one step further by providing a customisable RSS system for resellers called ‘MyMessage’.

Providing Twitter compatibility for digital signs so they can pull RSS text into a ‘ticker’ or Flash template is a useful feature for customers who want the ability to make content changes from an external source. But given the limitations of Twitter i.e. 140 characters per message and an inability to provide graphics as an RSS feed, Acquire have decided to develop their own RSS service called MyMessage.

MyMessage is a simple to use web service that allows site owners to create their own RSS feeds. These feeds can be displayed as text or images. Because a web browser is used to manage the content, users do not need extensive training to be able to understand how digital signage software works. This is ideal for resellers and network owners who want the ability to offer a small level of local content control for their customers, for example, receptionists can add welcome messages, travel agents can add special holiday offers and schools can add photos and messages for upcoming PTA events etc.
In addition to its graphical superiority to Twitter, MyMessage also provides a customizable network control interface so that resellers or network owners can apply their own corporate branding. Administrators can set up multiple user accounts and even set up a manual content approval process so that images and text can be vetted before sending to remote digital signs.
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