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Acid Bath Audiobook

Press release November 22, 2009 Culture

I'm a books-on-cd lover but not a sci fi fan per se....still, I loved it.

By A. Chandler (Austin, TX, USA)

Because we often travel via car, we are never without a books-on-tape (old school name) which are now books on cd. Because of this we've sampled some of the best...(so good you don't want to stop driving even if you reach your destination!) and the worst (put everyone in the car, and almost the driver as well, to sleep) and we've heard a range of narrators as well. 

I don't typically gear my tastes towards sci-fi however, I'll admit it...nonetheless new is good and we just listened to Acid Bath on a weekend trip. 

I have to say, I liked the originality as much as the story. I've never heard a story set to an orchestral background to enhance the storytelling and I LOVED the idea. Whereas we typically hear narrator only during a book on cd, this was almost like getting the best of both worlds...interesting sound effects and music enhancing the tale and that, on a long car trip, was refreshing. Think "special effects for the ears"! 

Think back to silent films...not that I am old enough to recall them in the theater but I've seen em in film study class as well as elsewhere. You didn't just read the words, but you had scary music when reading a chilling part of the film, exciting music during a cliffhanger, etc. It's a double effect...I'm surprised it hadn't been thought of before. We very much enjoyed the artistic combo. 

While someone mentioned that this is a story from the 50s I'd never heard of it before (perhaps because I wasn't born until the 60s?!) but it seems Sci-Fi is timeless I suppose...we both enjoyed this science fiction tale that spliced some humor into a tale woven together of what else but sci-fi typical lore of aliens and humans, ray guns, space ships and all those other futuristic in a pleasing British accent, with an adventurous story line and a backdrop of orchestra timed appropriately at each part of the tale to coincide with what is occurring. 

It made our trip seem shorter and, I must admit, brought me an interest in perhaps exploring a few more sci-fi tales...we give it four thumbs up and recommend it...

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