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Accountancy firms falls short on raising staff standards

Press release April 30, 2018 Accountancy Staff

A survey of the accountancy profession by Maximiti, a leading firm of accountancy practice brokers, has revealed that almost half of smaller firms do not have a system of staff appraisal.

Norman Younger FCCA , director at Maximiti was surprised to find out that only 53% of these firms have a system of staff appraisal. "It is likely that there is an informal way of doing these things, probably when somebody asks for a rise" , he suggests. 

He believes that small businesses like "high street" acountants can't be bothered with an extra layer of formality especially in a setting with only 2 or 3 staff members and where the boss is alwyas looking out one corner of their eye to see if the clerks have their heads down.

"This is incredibly short sighted" says Younger ruefully , and says "  there is so much more more that can be achieved with a transparent system that lets staff work towards personal and company goals that leaves everybody better off" .

Younger obsevers that these accountants are probably advising their clients to make sure they look after their human capital properly in order to prosper. A case of the "cobbler's children going barefoot" , so often found in the profession.

"As the market continues to consolidate in the face of ever more regulation and the faster pace of tehnological change I reckon we will see more firms at the "smaller" end becoming more professional in their approach to internal matters" ends off Younger with a smile of anticipation.



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