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Absolute Digital Media Reviews Digital Marketing Strategies For Easter

Press release March 23, 2017 Marketing Digital marketing Content Social media

The award winning, Essex-based digital marketing company are reviewing digital marketing strategies for their clients over the Easter period.

Easter is a popular time of year for implementing digital marketing strategies after businesses have had to deal with the slow after Christmas period. Essex-based, full service digital marketing agency Absolute Digital Media are reviewing some of the best digital marketing strategies that their clients can implement for Easter, to boost traffic, sales, and search success.

Optimising a business’ site for the Easter holidays and sales are important, and Absolute Digital Media will be looking at some of the best ways to do this for their client’s sites. While Easter appears to be a slow sales season for a lot of businesses aside from chocolatiers for example, there are a number of ways that businesses can optimise their site in order to attract customers. One of the most popular ways is an Easter Egg Hunt of voucher codes around a site. Putting the Easter Eggs on deep pages within the site can generate a lot of traffic to pages that do not normally receive it. However, this doesn’t have to be a standard ‘Easter egg hunt’ and can be targeted further towards a business’s audience.

Absolute Digital Media noted PlayStation’s Easter Egg Hunt as one of the most targeted. Sony sent all PlayStation subscribers an email stating that Transformers had a special Easter Egg and this could only be seen when image loading on the page was turned off. PlayStation’s techy audience would’ve known how to do this, and this generated a buzz on social media too, helping to promote the brand even further. Absolute Digital Media are looking to work with their clients on targeted Easter campaigns that attract large volumes of traffic to their client’s sites and create a buzz around their brands.

Content marketing is something that Absolute Digital Media place a strong focus on all year round, but when targeting Easter marketing campaigns, the digital marketing agency noted that the purpose of content at this time could fill a number of key business objectives. Firstly, driving traffic and football to ecommerce websites, increasing overall brand visibility, and providing customers with the best experiences across a number of marketing channels including email, search and social.

Whether a business introduces micro-content across social media platforms in order to engage with customers is improved during this season, or additional Easter related content like blogs are implemented as part of a strategy, content marketing can have a huge impact.

Email campaign strategies are one of the most popular marketing tools over any holiday period, and Easter is the perfect time to up email marketing campaigns. Absolute Digital Media have found that Easter provides a good time to beat competition, in industries that do not normally offer deals around or specific to the Easter period.

Absolute Digital Media are a full service digital marketing company, who deal with clients on a local, national and international level, providing them with tailored digital marketing strategies. Absolute Digital Media deliver some of the most effective results for their clients, by combining market intelligence and creativity to produce top of class campaigns.


Marketing Digital marketing Content Social media