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ABC Lawyers supports more than 4,500 timeshare owners to exit their contracts

Press release November 8, 2017 Timeshare exits Holiday

- Ambitious growth plan provides unprecedented levels of support for timeshare owners - Actual ownership exit figure now tops 5,621 - MD Mark Rowe hints at further strategic growth in the pipeline

ABC Lawyers Ltd is going from strength to strength. Hot off the heels of announcing its purchase of Ministry of Justice claims management firm Lansdown Financial, the firm has revealed that as a group it has now successfully supported over 4,500 clients to exit from their timeshares.

“To have been instrumental in supporting so many individuals and families to break away from their onerous timeshare commitments is fantastic. In many cases, clients were hard-sold into arrangements that weren’t right for them. Some of those contracts have even been deemed to be illegal in recent years by the Spanish Supreme Court, with owners having experienced years of unnecessary, timeshare-related stress before finally being granted the freedom to walk away.”

Mark Rowe, Managing Director, ABC Lawyers Ltd

When averaged out, the ABC Lawyers group’s success story becomes even more impressive. The average clients owns 1.2 ownerships or weeks of a timeshare. That means that the actual ownership exit figure is 5,621.

The news comes after a bumper year for ABC Lawyers. Not only has the group purchased Lansdown Financial, it has also bought up Tuloca/Justice4 and Hello Consulting. This positions ABC Lawyers as one of the UK’s premier timeshare contract support specialists.

“With such an array of skilled staff at our disposal, ABC Lawyers is now ideally positioned to help thousands more families across the UK to extricate themselves from their timeshare contracts and to claim compensation where this may be applicable. For a long time, timeshare owners have struggled to make their voices heard. We’re proud to be part of the movement that means their needs can finally be met, after so many years.”

Mark Rowe, Managing Director, ABC Lawyers Ltd

ABC Lawyers’ ambitious growth plans don’t end there. Although Rowe is keeping a tight lid on news of future revelations, he confirms that the company is only part-way through its strategic expansion plan. The news should serve to bring new hope to all those who still haven’t found a way to extricate themselves from their timeshare contracts and are looking for a fresh form of support.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 0800 066 3047 to speak to a member of the ABC Lawyers team.


Timeshare exits Holiday