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A unique safety net for travelers launched today

Press release August 8, 2009 Tourism

Globetrotter SOS have today launched their simple to use but incredibly effective emergency response service available 24 x 7, all at the press of a button on your mobile phone .

Downloadable from , this Travel Safety Service combines sophisticated software, which automatically pre-programs 2 buttons on your existing Smartphone, with proven satellite tracking technology and world renowned 24x7 security specialists to assist you should the need arise.

This subscription based services offers four essential elements for travelers:

Inform you, 24x7 access to the latest news on any situation that might affect you in over 400 countries. Subscribers have unlimited access to personal travel briefings by security specialists who will inform you of the risks and current situations in the countries you are visiting

Alert You, As you are traveling, you are notified of any situations arising on your chosen route, ensuring you are kept safe.

Locate You, The Here I Am service which the user activates to inform your chosen list of up to 10 contacts where you are and that you are safe, and allows your friends and family to follow your travels.

Help You, The SOS service which not only informs your nominated contact list but informs the 24x7 security specialist service who will assist you and get you out of danger.

Annabel Harrison, Director explains, From gap year students to your elderly but active parents taking that holiday of a lifetime, our mission is to make sure the trip is remembered for all the right reasons. Sadly our news channels are full of stories of political unrest, riots, kidnappings, Acts of violence and of course natural disasters, our service offers comprehensive assistance when you need it and peace of mind for those that care about you. The service is easy to subscribe to, in just a few minutes you are connected and ready to go.

Harrison continues, When you have an emergency, you can be sure it is being dealt with effectively.  At the Help Desk, you will be connected to a specialist security advisor who will advise, assist and co-ordinate an effective response to your particular situation. Most of the personnel involved are ex-military or security services so know how to get you out of danger. With more than 400 fixers across the globe at your disposal, you can be sure you are in safe hands, it does not get better than that!

This technology has been used for many years in the Satellite Phone market place by charities, health organizations and aid agencies who wish to provide a security and tracking system to their workers and volunteers, but the costs have always been very high. Globetrotter SOS have harnessed this trusted, life-saving service and can now offer this to you at an affordable price, on equipment you already own and use, thus making the deployment simple, low cost and effective.

Based in Berkshire, UK, Globetrotter SOS have brought together mobile technology, trusted location services and world renowned security and safety services to offer a truly unique Travel Safety Service which uses familiar day to day devices from major manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, HTC and Palm all for a low cost subscription aimed at the personal travel market.