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A Unique Postal Service That Will Revolutionise the UK Postal Market

Press release December 8, 2007 IT

A Unique Postal Service That Will Revolutionise the UK Postal Market


By downloading the free software, businesses and individuals can send letters and promotional marketing directly from personal computers to a secure Postzu print facility where they are automatically printed, folded and put into envelopes for reliable delivery through Royal Mail for the 'final mile' of the journey.

This unique system means no more printing, no folding, no envelopes, no stamps, instead, postal mail is sent directly from computers.

5 Simple Steps to Send Mail with Postzu

1) Simply download the free software from

2) When a letter is sent it is encrypted and sorted securely by recipient postcode.

3) Once sorted it is immediately routed to a secure Postzu print facility in the locality of the recipient, where documents are automatically printed, folded and put into envelopes. Postzu has partnerships with an exclusive network of trusted printers throughout the UK.

4) Letters are then passed to Royal Mail for final mile delivery. With Postzu you get First Class service for Second Class prices combined with prompt delivery by Royal Mail.

5) Sending a letter Postzu is simple, secure and green!

Due to Postzu's extensive network of printers throughout the UK mail no longer has to travel hundreds of miles before it reaches its' destination, this means a greener and more secure postal service.

About Postzu is the UK's leading mail provider for high-quality internet printing and premium service. We offer businesses of all sizes and consumers a convenient, high-quality solution for all their postage services without the premium price. We aim to become the most popular postage supplier within the UK handling over 10 million items per week.

Historically, printing letters has been done in-house and is a laborious process for the customer. Inflated postage and supplier costs resulted in exorbitant prices for the customer, even for small quantities. Postzu's patented, state-of-the-art technologies offer the highest standards in privacy and security whilst fully automating not only the printing of your mail, but also the manner in which orders are created and submitted. In a nutshell, we incur lower costs, which mean our customers enjoy lower prices for a better quality of service.

Mission Statement

To be recognised as a unique, forward-thinking mail provider operating leading edge technology. is committed to delivering an exceptional standard of service to its customers and maintaining flexible working practices to maximise business opportunities.