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A unique method revolutionises concrete

Press release November 25, 2013 Investment Industry Concrete Technology Wastewater

A unique method for concrete surface treatment, called BorthyGlass, is going to revolutionise the use of concrete. The inventor is able to document a global business potential at a value of DKK 460 billion for wastewater drain pipes alone, and now he is on the lookout for a few more investors before being able to implement his business idea.

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One of the biggest challenges of concrete within the industry is the fact that the surface structure quickly deteriorates when coming into contact with acids and bases.

Engineer and inventor Lars Børthy has solved this problem by means of an absolutely unique polymeric primer containing nanoseparated glass, called BorthyGlass. It provides the concrete with an almost impermeable surface that ensures a significantly longer service life for concrete pipes, paving stones, roof tiles etc. than what the market has seen so far.

”In cooperation with HawkeyePedershaab and Teknos I have spent the last couple of years carrying out a range of lab and product tests that have provided me with detailed documentation of the enormous business potential of BorthyGlass. I am able to document a global business potential with a value of DKK 460 billion for wastewater drain pipes alone. Adding this potential to all the other utilisation possibilities within this industry, only the sky is the limit, explains Lars Børthy from the town of Sindal whose invention has been in the pipeline for ten years.

The production facilities are ready

”However, I am not going to make a secret of this having been an incredibly long development process, and my financial situation has surely not always been as stable as my invention during this process. At the same time, the global financial crisis did not make it any easier to establish a financial foundation. In addition, I must admit that my stubbornness in terms of making this project a success was not always easy to handle for my cooperation partners. All in all, it has been much more of a struggle uphill to succeed than initially anticipated”, admits Lars Børthy who has been working with concrete in one way or other throughout his entire work life.

”Many years of experience from the industry made up the cornerstones of the idea behind BorthyGlass. Bearing in mind the documentation of the vast business potential that I have collected along the way, it would be such a shame if this project would be discontinued now, so close to the final goal. The current situation suggests that just one more cooperation partner would in fact decide the matter”, the optimistic Lars Børthy points out.

Despite the prolonged process, he has managed to establish most of the production facilities in cooperation with the two companies HawkeyePedershaab and Teknos. Production manager Morten Nørgaard at HawkeyePedershaab has been part of the process almost from the beginning, and he also agrees that BorthyGlass has an enormous business potential on a global level.

An inexpensive alternative

”In cooperation with Lars Børthy we have therefore developed a production facility for drain pipes in which BorthyGlass is pushed deep into the surface structure on the inside of the concrete pipe by means of vacuum. This makes the surface of the concrete pipe both significantly more resistant and also cheaper to produce than the current alternatives available on the market”, says Morten Nørgaard from HawkeyePedershaab.

The company Teknos in the town of Vamdrup specialises in industrial paints. Production manager Henrik Hansen has been involved in the product development behind BorthyGlass on a continuous basis.

”We have carried out a long range of product tests and have managed to arrive at a polymer mix proportion that is nothing less than perfect. Our production facilities are more than ready to mix sufficient amounts of BorthyGlass whenever the customers discover the supreme and unique features of this product”, says production manager Henrik Hansen. He has no doubt that the BorthyGlass method carries an enormous business potential and is able to revolutionise the use of concrete in the future.

”Concrete has so many potential applications within the food industry, the construction industry and other industries as well. And that is what inventor Lars Børthy needs the market to realise”, Henrik Hansen points out. At the same time, he regrets that the owners of Teknos are unable to invest any further into the project at this time.

In need of investors

”Despite a rather bumpy road to success, I have worked very hard and staked several million kroner from my own savings on proving that BorthyGlass really is a unique product, a unique method and a good idea. All treated concrete surfaces obtain an incredibly long-lasting surface, no matter if these are fibre-cement products, drain pipes, slotted floors, concrete roof tiles, piles or windmill tower”, Lars Børthy states.

Based on his thorough preparatory work, Lars Børthy is now able to document the enormous global business potential without any problems. Amongst other things, the production costs related to concrete pipes for wastewater would be significantly reduced by using BorthyGlass, because at the moment concrete pipes must be lined with plastic pipes in order to obtain the required level of durability.

Lars Børthy makes no secret of the fact that he is now only missing a few investments in order to succeed with his project. He is hoping to be able to finalise the investments as soon as possible.

”The method and the production facilities are just waiting for the “go” signal, and it would be very hard to bear if this project would not succeed after all. However, I am optimistic and I am currently working hard on identifying a well-capitalised partner who wants to cooperate with me, HawkeyePedershaab and Teknos in order to implement this project on the global market”, inventor Lars Børthy concludes.

Ingeneer and inventor, Lars Borthy

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