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A Smarter Way to Smoke

Press release October 22, 2009 Health

Cigarette lovers are beating the ban on smoking in public places by ditching tobacco in favour of a SmokeStik.

SmokeStiks are electronic cigarettes that have become big in America and are becoming increasingly popular over here.  They utilise replaceable cartridges that cost substantially less than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and they aren’t restricted by the smoking ban so they can be used anywhere – even on airplanes.

A smoker gets all the satisfaction of smoking, without any cancer causing agents, making them a much smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Their appeal has already won over many celebs with Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted with a SmokeStik in hand, while cycling.

Now former It Girl Lady Victoria Hervey has launched her own product in partnership with the USA’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes.

The chic SmokeStik Royale is branded with Lady Victoria’s family crest and offers smokers the chance to get their nicotine hit without the tar, second hand smoke or the headache of the smoking ban.

It functions automatically, without any flame or fire and can be used in any place, even where traditional smoking is not allowed.

Lady Victoria said: “There is a real demand for a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and I believe the SmokeStik Royale fits the bill.

"Like everyone I'm all too aware of the dangers of smoking. My father developed emphysema from smoking and passed away in his sixties. If this product helps anyone to quit tobacco I'll get great satisfaction from that.

“Many of my friends are social smokers and since the ban came in they aren’t able to smoke during their nights out anymore. I’m sure many people miss the social side of smoking since the ban came into force.

“With the SmokeStik it’s still possible to enjoy the social side of smoking without all the nasty smoke.”

Lady Victoria added that the SmokeStik is also useful for people who want to reduce their tobacco use, as it makes it possible to reduce the strength of the nicotine hit so smokers can wean themselves off their addiction.

The product is available online at and She is currently in talks with a number of UK retailers to stock the product on shelves.

The team at US based Smokestik are clearly delighted at having Lady Victoria on board and have trademarked the phrase “Designed for Royalty” for her product.

A spokesman said: “From its beautifully pearlescent white barrel, to its gem-encrusted tip, anyone who uses the SmokeStik Royale is sure to feel both regal and glamorous!

“With no secondhand smoke, no tar and no restrictions, the SmokeStik Royale is the perfect fit for any cigarette smoker or their loved one.”

The company is so convinced their product has what it takes to banish tobacco it has also trademarked the phrase “The Future of Smoking.” Checkout the Smokestik Royale for yourself at


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