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A New Weapon In Fight Against Identity Theft

Press release October 21, 2009 Business

Boxer Carl Froch is preparing for the fight of his life on Saturday – secure in the knowledge that he has already dealt a knock out blow to identity thieves.

Froch, whose identity was stolen two years ago, has signed up to FraudLock, a brand new service dedicated to fighting identity theft.

News of Froch’s decision to trust FraudLock with the protection of his identity comes during National Identity Fraud Week - highlighting the growing danger of ID theft.

Identity theft has increased by 32% in 2009 making it the fastest growing white collar crime in Britain with a fraudulent transaction taking place every eight seconds. This year alone there have been more than 59,000 victims in Britain. It currently costs the UK economy £1.3b per year.

In 2007 criminals ran up close to £35,000 in Froch’s name, causing the boxer months of stress. But as he prepares for this weekend’s showdown with unbeaten American Andre Dirrell, Froch revealed that he has taken steps to protect his ID and is confident that he will never fall victim to the crime again.

He said: “In 2007 criminals took out credit cards and store cards in my name to the tune of nearly £35,000. I didn’t see it coming and only found out when a new mortgage application was refused.

“It took months to get things straightened up, involving hours spent with the police, the credit issuers, citizen’s advice and all three credit reference agencies. I couldn’t believe how complicated things got.

“I have now chosen FraudLock to look after my identity. In my opinion FraudLock offer the best protection available in the UK.”

FraudLock claims to be the UK’s most comprehensive and pro-active service to protect individuals against identity theft.

The entirely independent service utilises 12 key features including private investigators, black market monitoring, lost or stolen card recovery service and free online credit reports and credit monitoring.

It also offers pro-active protection, online security software and advice, free credit rating and analysis, reduced junk mail and credit offers, a statement reminder service which spots undelivered statements and an advice line.

FraudLock CEO Charlie Scott said his service was the most comprehensive and proactive way to protect against identity theft and was totally guaranteed to be effective.

He said: “We’re all aware that identity theft is a growing problem which features regularly on news bulletins. But until now most of us didn’t really know how to protect ourselves against the threat of having our identities stolen.

“FraudLock offers a total solution to the problem. Our members are fully guaranteed against having their identities stolen. We utilise every technique and technology available to ensure our members are safe against this growing threat.

“I am delighted that Carl Froch has chosen to trust us with the safeguarding of his identity. Like thousands of others in the UK Carl has first hand experience of just how difficult having your identity stolen can be.

“Identity thieves can run up thousands of pounds worth of debt in your name and can make it extremely difficult for their victims to gain credit in the future. It really is a huge problem. FraudLock solves that problem by making sure our member’s identities are safeguarded against theft.”

The service is currently available with a voucher code at a special introductory rate of just £6.99 per month. To find out more about FraudLock please visit or 0800 025 8003.


Source for stats: BBC News online.

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