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A new online journal exposes the sexual practices of the regular married man

Press release September 17, 2010 Lifestyle

The daily sexual activities of mainstream heterosexual man are recounted in a frank but thoughtful online journal. The revelations are always interesting and often shocking for both men and women.

Heterosexual men are notoriously uncommunicative about intimate and emotional matters, especially if there is anything to hide.  Roving Husband sets the record straight in a frank but thoughtful new online journal.

Based in London UK, Roving Husband says: "The actual activities of the modern heterosexual man are generally enshrouded in silence and respectability, and it is time that someone addressed them openly." 

Roving Husband describes himself as a regular married man.  He faces the questions confronting many men.  He seeks solutions on the internet.  From the hit-counts on various websites he deduces that his frustrations are very common.

Roving Husband deals with the moral issues as well as the physical ones. Why is his wife so passionless?  Should he talk to her?  Should they split up?  Should he have an affair?  Can he find a woman in a similar situation to have an affair with?  Should he seek the company of an "escort"?

Roving Husband reaches further into what actually happens than is possible in any other way.  He says:  "Apart from an open and frank confessional journal, how else can the truth be discovered?  Surveys are meant to be scientific but they are bound to draw false conclusions.  Most normal men don't answer the questions at all, and if they did they would lie.  And it's not about what they say, anyway, it's about what they actually do."

Some of the scenes described by Roving Husband (at are very forthright, and may offend, but they could not be edited without compromising truthfulness.  Roving Husband says:  "The last thing we need is another watered-down or sanitized version, or anything else that skirts around the difficult issues.  Nor do we need more deviancy or fetishism or smut or porn.  The value of the journal lies in the fact that it is written by and from the viewpoint of a typical modern married man."

Many wives will ask themselves whether their husband could be like Roving Husband.