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A guide to finding the right memory foam pillow from The Fine Bedding Company

Press release June 7, 2012 Homes & Gardens

The Fine Bedding Company sleep experts offer advice on memory foam pillows, which can improve sleep by enhancing comfort and alleviating neck strains.

As sleep is a time to refresh the body and restore the mind, ensuring that you get the optimum level of rest is essential. The Fine Bedding Company understands the importance of creating a space that provides you with both support and comfort. The sleep experts have produced a guide to show how picking the right memory foam pillow can often be the key to achieving a better night's sleep.

Memory foam pillows are designed to provide support as you sleep, moulding to the curve of your neck and head. The temperature-sensitive foam cradles your head in its most comfortable position, ensuring that your neck and upper body are completely rested.  

A traditional memory foam pillow is wonderfully supportive, offering the perfect density to help improve posture and alleviate any pain by creating a neutral position that is maintained throughout the night. The Fine Bedding Company has added a cotton-rich velour cover to its traditional memory foam pillows for an added level of luxury, which can be removed for washing for total convenience.

As The Fine Bedding Company believes that comfort is essential, they have created a contoured memory foam pillow specially designed to cradle the head and neck. The special contoured shape has been designed to provide the right level of support where it’s needed most to ease neck or shoulder complaints. 

The sleep experts also suggest that a pillow containing free-flowing microfibre clusters can provide support and added comfort throughout the night. The neck soother pillow from The Fine Bedding Company combines memory foam with microfibre which adjusts to the position of the neck and head for a deeper, more calming night's sleep.

To improve the quality of your sleep even further, down duvets and pillows are often a popular choice with sleepers looking for the ultimate in luxury bedding. Meanwhile, investing in pillow and mattress protectors ensures that you prolong the life of your quality bedding.



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