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Press release March 5, 2009 Music the world's largest and finest online collectors site has discovered yet another piece of unqie memorabilia which is available from now.

This is one of only 12 signed as an exclusive competition prize for winners on Virgin Radio's Queen Day during November 25th, 1996.

Housed in a unique custom printed Queen crest logo sleeve. The sleeve is titled and numbered by hand in a dedicated space on the back of the sleeve. The sleeve has been autographed in gold pen by Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Roger - known for his humour and his tendency to sign other people's names has signed his name 'Eartha Kitt'!

The 25th November 1996, the UK radio station, Virgin Radio held a Queen Day to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury.

All day the station featured a Queen heavy playlist, however the highlight of the day was the competition that ran from 7am to 7pm. Every hour Virgin radio gave away a specially commissioned 12" to a lucky competition winner. These 12" were pressed by Parlophone/EMI at Virgin's request. Each 12" was one-sided (leaving one side blank) and featured a track from the 1995 Made In Heaven album.

All copies of VIRGIN1 (Heaven For Everyone) were destroyed as they were inadvertently mispressed with the track on both sides.

It is unconfirmed how many of these sets exist, some sources claim as low as 7 complete sets were pressed, other sources claim 15 sets, however all agree on one thing - these things are RARE.

Depending on which source you believe there are between 49 and 105 of these 12" in total, making these more scarce than the blue vinyl Bohemian Rhapsody.

The finished 12" were placed in a unique custom black sleeve with white Queen crest on the front. Each one was hand numbered with a blank space on the back for the title to be written.

The competition started at 7.00am and ended at 7.00pm. The winner each hour chose one of the seven singles and Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon signed them. Seven winners chose Heaven For Everyone, the other 5 winners chose different songs.

After the competition, all the remaining copies was returned to EMI and officially used for distribution among high ranking Virgin and EMI personnel - these were unsigned. buyer and Queen expert Steve Borkowski commented: "Amongst serious Queen collectors these sets are right up there with the Blue vinyl Bo Rap and fully signed items including Freddie."

 "This is likely to be the only signed copy of this title in the world! The individual copies are in themselves a much sought after collectable and we are very pleased and honoured to be able to offer this one to our customers."


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