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Press release November 20, 2008 Music the world's leading music and memorabilia collector's site have added an astonishing unplayed vinyl collection to their catalogue of rarities.

For over two decades have been buying and selling quality vinyl, so you would think that they would have seen pretty much everything there is to see, right?


They have recently purchased what is, without a shadow of doubt, the finest collection of pristine vinyl records their buyers have ever seen.

Quite a statement when you consider some of the collections the company have had the pleasure to pass on to collectors over the years.

This one belonged to prominent journalist Weston Taylor, who wrote the society & music review pages for the News of the World, active from the early sixties until his death in 1975. The collection has remained untouched for the past 30 years, stored with incredible love by his daughter.

There are more than 3000 LPs and 4000 singles, all 60s & 70s originals, covering genres as diverse as beat, pop, psych, mod, freakbeat, northern soul, prog, rock and jazz - 90% of the 45s are demos, the LPs are factory sample or review copies, some played just once then carefully filed away, others unplayed to this day.

This incredible collection will take their team of adders many months to sort through.

Julian Thomas Co-founder of said. "The snipers out there are picking off targets as soon as they come into sight such is the rarity and sheer quality of this vinyl - you could wait a lifetime before another chance like this comes along." is the world leader in rare and deleted records, cds and music memorabilia. It is also home to the ‘one you haven't got', the missing piece of your collection. has a dedicated team of experts with over two decades of experience in sourcing, authenticating and selling memorabilia.

You can view the entire collection here