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43% of Motorists Only Check Their Car's Tyres at MOT Time

Press release April 13, 2011 Motor & Transport

A new survey has found that 43% of British motorists only check the condition of their car's tyres once a year, before its MOT.

A new survey by has found that 43% of motorists only check the condition of their car's tyres once a year – before it goes for an MOT! A further 11.8% said that they "did not know how" to check their tyres, while 2.8% believed that there was "no need" to ever check their tyres for damage or excessive tread wear.

Fewer than half (41.7%) of drivers claimed that they did check their tyres regularly, suggesting that the majority of British motorists are driving around in ignorance of any damage or wear to their tyres, relying on garages to point this out to them come service or MOT time.

Under Pressure

The picture was only slightly brighter when motorists were asked how often they checked their tyre pressures. Of the 1,512 people surveyed, almost a third (32.4%) had not checked their car's tyre pressures for more than a month.

Fewer than half (42.8%) had checked them within the last two weeks, which is the frequency recommended by leading motoring organisations. founder Roland Head says:

"Motorists appear to take pride in their ignorance when it comes to tyres. They are the sole point of contact between your car and the road and can save your life. Taking care of your tyres correctly is no harder than washing your car – but it seems that many motorists would rather not bother, despite the safety risks."

Tyre Care Saves Money & Reduces Blowout Danger

Correctly inflated tyres provide better handling, are less likely to puncture and provide better fuel consumption.

Under inflated tyres will increase a car's fuel consumption and tyres with cuts or bulges are at significantly higher risk of punctures or high speed blowouts, which can be dangerous. recommends that motorists should follow the advice below to minimise their risk of tyre problems and help maximise fuel consumption and tyre life:

Check your car's tyre pressures every fortnight, or more often if you are doing lots of long journeys

Tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are cold – this means that the car should not have been used for at least a couple of hours.

Check the condition of your tyres at least once per month. Look for excessive or uneven tread wear and check carefully for any cuts or bulges in the tyre sidewalls. Look under the car to check the inside sidewalls of the tyres for damage.

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