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3 Simple Ways Independent High Street Shops Can Beat Falling ‘Footfall’

Press release April 1, 2009 Business

Figures released by Experian today, show High Street footfall fell by 1.7% last year. Some areas saw falls as high as 7%+. Many local towns are becoming ‘ghost towns’ with empty units and few shoppers. Here are 3 ways independent shop owners can beat the falling ‘footfall’.

Henry P Baker

Swanage, Dorset, UK, April 1, 2009 - "Most independent high street and local shops rely on their location and 'footfall' to generate their sales. In good times this is often an adequate way to earn a decent income. But now 'footfall' is falling fast, independent shops wanting to survive need to use some new strategies," says Henry Baker, Dorset based marketing expert. Here are 3 ways independent shop owners can take positive action to beat falling 'footfall'.

1. Use Direct Marketing to Attract Affluent Customers - There are plenty of people spending money, plenty of people little affected by recession. By using direct marketing, independent shop owners can target specific affluent demographics with 'pinpoint' accuracy and either sell directly to them or use irresistible offers to invite them to their shops. Direct marketing allows precise measurement of results and thus minimal waste.

2. Make More Use of the Internet - While High Street sales are falling, online sales are rising in many categories. Any independent shop owner can easily use the internet to both sell online (as an additional route to market) and use the internet as part of a coordinated demand generation system for new and old customers.

3. Utilise Joint Venture Partnerships - A lot of small business (and large) are feeling the pinch from recession. And while in good times many are happy to 'keep themselves to themselves', now is the time to develop partnerships with other local business for mutual gain. For example, a local sports shop could approach a local gym and ask to run a marketing campaign to their members. The gym could benefit either through a slice of profits or by a campaign to the sports shop customers.

In conclusion, while High Street footfall is falling, independent shop owners have two simple choices. Either get very, very busy finding new ways to generate business or 'roll over' and 'give up'.  'Giving up' should not be an option...


Mr.Baker is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted on 01929 427744.   Mr. Baker has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience with some of the World's leading corporate sales organizations, as an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor and internationally respected trainer and educator. He has directly helped over 900 small business owners grow their businesses and tens of thousands more via his business growth tips and secrets.