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21st Century Post Service Expands - 6 new "city" offices

Press release March 26, 2009 Business

UK Postbox has delivered yet again.... Now with addresses available in: Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Poole, Belfast and Glasgow.

The company's exclusive premise has already changed the way many people in the UK view their postal mail. UK Postbox gives their customers the ability to manage their postal mail online, alongside their email and voicemail. Quickly, conveniently, and avoiding the stress that a visit to the post office can often bring!
 Now, UK Postbox is excited to be enjoying a geographical expansion, furthering their services throughout the United Kingdom. With addresses now available in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Poole, Belfast and Glasgow,  UK Postbox is now accessible to anyone who would like to reap the benefits of this unique service.
Individuals can now choose a location closer to their permanent home, and business can boost their image with a City 'office' - wherever in the country they're actually based. Imagine having a virtual address which you can access and manage your postal mail, ONLINE, whether you are on the train to London or lying on a beach in Thailand.
Owner of UK Postbox, Allan Chester said: "It really is fantastic to be expanding the company throughout the UK.  We're now spread across seven different locations - each one a hub for the business world in its own right. It doesn't matter where our customers are - now almost everyone has the ability to take advantage of a UK Postbox account and change the way they handle their postal mail."

To find out more about UK Postbox's expansion and the benefits of a UK Postbox account, visit the website at: