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10-Point Plan To Failure E-manual Antidote to Recession Blues

Press release July 17, 2010 Business

A UK-based “anti”-motivation Web site aims to turn the tables on our recession woes with the launch of new e-manual offering expert advice on how to “succeed at failure”.

Ananti-motivationale-manuallaunched todayby aUK-based “anti”-motivation Web site aims to show why failure is the true key to success.

Compiled from a series ofseminars given by the author and company founder, Rick James — who terms his style of rhetoric “anti-”motivational — the e-manual was writtenin response to what he sees as the “often patronising and over-weening culture perpetuated by the motivation industry.”

James says: “I originally launched my Web site in response to the demand from attendees at my seminar and anti-in-house training programmes to make my pro-failure ‘anti-’ message more widely available; a message that is finding great favour through my e-manual, especially considering the faltering world economy and other commercial and economic woes.”

The e-manual and Web site, written in humorous, mock motivation rhetoric, take a critical look at the whole motivation industry and then simply reverse the rhetorical clichés and overblown hyperbole.

“It’s sort of reverse psychology,” James says. “However I’m actually trying to convey an important, up-beat message whilst examining our social and cultural precepts of failure-versus-success. Basically, my e-manual aims to show that the imploding world economy is actually leading us along a path to failure that can be used in our favour by forcing us to take stock and reassess our professional and personal aims and goals. My e-book is designed to help people do exactly that.