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£0.5 million handcuffs prevent us from sleepwalking in to a prison state?

Press release November 5, 2007 Culture

Can £0.5 million handcuffs prevent us from sleepwalking in to a prison state?

SLEEPWALKPRISON, is a newly formed limited company inspired by the what they call ‘the fast paced removal of civil liberties' by the UK government. They aim to assist groups protesting against the government over civil liberties issues by providing them with support for their campaigns and their fund raising. This aim is facilitating the creation of the world's most expensive handcuffs which in turn could lead to the world's most expensive kinky sex game according to one of the company's directors.

They are asking groups covering a wide variety of political issues including protesters against, speed cameras, the national DNA database, ID cards and increased use of CCTV to back them.

SLEEPWALKPRISON Director James Wilson said,

"A democracy is defined as government by the people; a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly.

We are deeply concerned by the trend for supposed democratic governments to ignore the will of the people. This combined with the fast paced removal of civil liberties and the condensing of our societies will have dangerous consequences.

These factors are changing the balance of our societies and our world; these changes are leading us, eyes closed, in to a prison; we are sleepwalking in to a prison.

It can be argued that the governments' actions, at least in the UK, encompass a simple solution to allow for a planned population explosion, via migration, made necessary for continued fast paced economic growth. These actions are turning the vast majority of the population in to a proletarian for the economic desires of an elite modern-day bourgeoisie - driven primarily by trading on mortgage debts, trading on the people's property. Put simply, the government sees you as a worker ant, a drone, a battery hen; for continued economic growth they need to give you a smaller cage.

Governments' no longer reign supreme over the land despite a tight grip on the populous. They are at the mercy of large organisations - in some cases individuals - as the government reserves are no longer sufficient to control currency markets. It is more important for them to control the people than ever.

In countless cases the UK government continues to employ every underhand trick at its disposal to wage war against those who disagree with it and choose to make a stand. The government hides behind its laws and red tape to suppress freedom.

Hamish Howitt's prosecution for 12 offences of failing to prevent smoking in smoke-free premises at his pub in Blackpool highlights this. He is facing enormous pressure from a variety of government organisations in addition to his court case on November 5th.

It is not fair and it is not correct that an individual or group with a legitimate civil right is attacked by every government or legislative organisation, a blunt but effective weapon, to prevent dissent or the vocalisation of that individual or groups beliefs.

We're levelling the playing field through peaceful means by highlighting the plight of these people in their struggle and providing them with support; through unity, we have strength.

We are asking everyone who supports freedom of speech and the rights of the individual to show their unanimity with our cause by purchasing a pair of pink hand-cuffs from our website and to wear them on the 5th day of every month beginning on the fifth of November. You may also wish to use them for a kinky sex game but we'll leave that to your discretion."

The basic handcuffs will be sold from today with jewel encrusted versions costing upward of £500,000 (over $1m) going on sale on the 1st of December - just in time to spread the gift of liberty, albeit metaphorically and ironically, this Christmas.