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What To Look Out For When Searching For a MacBook Pro Repair in London

Press release July 4, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small If you own or use an Apple device such as a MacBook Pro, you know how fantastic and reliable they can be. That is, until something happens and you need support, a repair or diagnostic work performed. Some types of Apple product or Mac repair jobs are complicated. These can include Apple repairs such as replacing an internal battery after prolonged use, or looking for MacBook Pro repair in London when you have accidently spilled your drink or shattered the screen glass or need your LCD display repaired.

Expert Advice on recovering data from MacBook laptops and Mac Formatted Storage Devices - MacEmergency

Press release June 18, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small MacEmergency provide repair and support service for the MacBook Pro range of Aopple laptops in London although they hope you never have to look for an expert Mac data recovery service...

Is the Apple Mac OS 10.6.4 upgrade problematic? MacEmergency: MacBook Pro Repair London

Press release June 18, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small Scanning the Apple Discussions forum, reports are surfacing indicating a series of issues after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6.4:

Apple release Mac OS 10.6.4

Press release June 17, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small Many have anticipated Apple releasing the OS X 10.6.4 update. This update addresses a number of specific issues with the OS, including compatibility with Adobe CS3, SMB networking, VPN connections, and trackpad issues on MacBook systems.

Beta No:6 of Mac OS 10.6.4 has been seeded by Apple - It's apparently clear of issues...

Press release June 2, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small A further beta of Mac OS X 10.6.4 - the upcoming 'point' release of the Snow Leopard operating system which offers security and maintenance updates for the latest build reportedly remains free of known issues.

It's true! Apple are now a bigger technology company than Microsoft!

Press release May 27, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small Today's news headlines suggest that for the very first time in history Apple has overtaken MS to become the largest tech company

Apple MacBook Pro Repair Services with MacEmergency

Press release May 11, 2010
MacEmergency WebLogo Small Within the world of computers and technology, there are now a wide range of models at our reach all of which can offer us different uses and experiences whether we are simply surfing the web or completing an electronic project of some kind