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Home Affairs Committee Seminar - Review of Private Investigators

Press release May 15, 2012
Insight Investigations yesterday attended the Home Affairs Committee Seminar at Portcullis House, Westminster to discuss regulation of the private investigator industry and also listen to guest speakers around related issues.

Why your business should use the help of private detectives

Press release March 22, 2012
Insight new logo Private detectives can help analyse risk, protect and spot opportunities that help any sized business to grow. Insight Investigations reveal how any why every business should consider using private detectives.

How to Stop Nuisance Phone Calls

Press release March 20, 2012
Insight new logo Private investigator agency Insight Investigations have released this article on the ever growing problem of how to stop nuisance phone calls.

How to Hire a Private Investigator – Part Two from Insight Investigations

Press release September 7, 2011
Insight new logo Insight Investigations second article on how to hire a private investigator, this part of the series takes a look at the credentials to look out for and how it will help you to hire a private investigator to deliver results effectively and legally.

How to Hire a Private Investigator – Part One from Insight Investigations

Press release August 16, 2011
Insight new logo Insight Investigations have devised and released a part by part guide on the mechanics and fundamental considerations that need to be taken when hiring a private investigator. Part one of this guide looks at the various sectors within the industry, private, commerical and legal and how to pick a specilist private investigator for your relevant industry or situation.

How to Spot a Cheating Partner

Press release August 8, 2011
Insight new logo Being in a situation where you suspect that your partner is cheating is a stressful time of mixed emotions and uncertainty, nobody wants to be in this position, however it does happen and it is always better to find out the truth in the long run than just brushing any suspicions, whether true or false, under the carpet.

Insight Investigations Call for the Licensing of Private Investigators

Press release July 15, 2011
Insight new logo Despite many attempts in the past by private investigator associations and private detective agencies to get the Government to license their industry, it is still not governed correctly. After the recent events and publicity the industry is getting following the phone hacking scandal revelations, leading private investigator firm Insight Investigations are calling for action now before the industry is further scrutinised and brought under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

The Dangers of Employing Bogus Private Investigators

Press release June 29, 2011
Insight new logo In an industry that requires the upmost discretion and a major element of trust between client and service provider, more and more stories in the private investigator industry are being heard of money being paid out without getting the service required or illegal methods being gained to gets results. Insight Investigations, a private investigator agency with over 30 years experience, help people to understand the dangers and background checks that should be made prior to hiring a private investigator.

Insight Investigations Announce The Launch of Their New Website

Press release June 16, 2011
Insight new logo Insight Investigations today announced the launch of their newly designed and branded website aimed at giving the well established private detective agency a fresher image and recognisable brand that it synonomous with the investigation industry.