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Glass radiator


Glass radiator

Glass radiator

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Heat Has Become Designer

Press release February 19, 2013
Glass radiator Radiators have taken on a whole new look; they are now readily available in modern and contemporary styles.

Contemporary Radiators are the new must have in interior design

Press release September 26, 2011
Designer Radiators Want to be warm in style? Contemporary radiators heats like the traditional white radiator however, adds an interesting new feature to your home.

The Traditional Radiator gets a Radical Makover

Press release July 7, 2011
Myson legato electric radiators Radiators are no longer the mundane heating source, they have been transformed into contemporary styles and modern designs.

Modern Radiators: Practical yet Stylish

Press release June 15, 2011
Glass radiator Modern Radiators add a touch of class to any room whilst being practical at the same time.