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Brass Antique Door Handles


Brass Antique Door Handles

Brass Antique Door Handles

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Press releases

The Door Handle Company

Press release March 22, 2012
Brass Antique Door Handles The door handle company provide one of the largest choice of door handles, door knobs and door furniture through their online store

How To Take Care Of Your Door Handles

Press release March 22, 2012
Brass Antique Door Handles It may seem like an unusual thing to ask however, door handles and door knobs are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. With the press and media pushing us to be more aware of hygiene, it is increasingly evident that door handles are probably one of the most used accessories in the house and therefore need to be cleaned more often.

The Door Handle Company have expanded their online business through online marketing.

Press release April 18, 2011
Brass Antique Door Handles The investment in Online Marketing has proved to be very succesful for The Door Handle Company; they have now expanded their business and moved to bigger premises.

How To Use Door Handles As Part Of Your Interior Design Theme

Press release February 3, 2011
Brass Antique Door Handles The use of door handles to compliment a design theme is an art that is sometimes overlooked in these days when large furniture stores dominate the market with cheap handles and doors.

Antique Brass Door Handles And Antique Brass Door Knobs – Use New Or Old?

Press release January 10, 2011
Brass Antique Door Handles For anyone who is building a new home or even re-modelling one, simply upgrading it or doing modifications isn't the excitement these days. A lot of people want to make a statement by using either brass reproduction items or the real thing by using antique period door hardware.