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Looking for a personal trainer in London? Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness is Londons premier mobile personal training business. We pride ourselves on our passion, professionalism and excellence.

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Exclusive Family Fitness Packages Launched by Tim Hayes Fitness

Press release December 19, 2012
A New Approach to Healthcare by London’s Most Elite Personal Trainers London, October 25th, 2012:

Tim Hayes Fitness Warns Against Virtual Personal Trainers

Press release December 19, 2012
UK Public At Risk of Injury by Following Unlicensed Amateurs London, 29th October 2012:

Britain’s 2012 Olympic Boxing Success Leads To New Uptake In Personal Boxing Training

Press release November 8, 2012
Websearch new logo 2 London-Based Tim Hayes Says Boxing Has Become The New Number One Training Regime For Get Fit Enthusiasts In The Wake Of Team GB’s Epic Boxing Victories

Post-Sickness Rehabilitation

Press release October 15, 2012
Tim Hayes Fitness Calls for Increased Proactivity