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BEAT BANK HOLIDAY BACK – DIY “Don’t Injury Yourself”

Press release May 7, 2013
With spring coming late this year and many of the outdoor jobs being put on hold, the wonderful bank holiday weather has seen us rush out to the DIY shops and Garden Centres to start getting our gardens and homes looking great for the summer. Carl Irwin, North London Chiropractor says “Unfortunately as we have all been sedentary for far longer than normal, this year, it is no surprise that many of us have or are likely to trigger aches and pains in the joints, particularly the back, neck, shoulders and knees. “

“Why the kids are right school is ….bad for their health”

Press release September 8, 2011
After the long summer holidays, it’s time for your kids to go back to school! Perhaps it will even be a new school? But guess what school may educate the mind, but these days we question its value physically. Carl Irwin, Edgware, Mill Hill and Stanmore Chiropractor says “Lack of exercise, poor diet, and being cooped up all in a classroom with the heating on and the windows shut are a definite recipe for an unhealthy child” Here are his Top Tips to help children through the school term.