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Talent Shortage - The Greatest Opportunity Ever for Young Translators

Press release June 10, 2010
One of key events from Academia Rossica at this year’s London Book Fair was their annual award for young translators of Russian literature. The award includes cash prize opportunities to meet British publishers and travel to Moscow.

Russia will be the Market Focus and Guest of Honour of The London Book Fair 2011

Press release April 23, 2010
Coverage of this year's Books from Russia events will be available online and will include interviews with young translators, Russian publishers and improvised book readings of new exciting titles from Russia such as “Love Boat” from Samokat Publishing House

Immortal Chekhov finds new digital stage in Apple’s iTunes Stores

Press release March 31, 2010
Modern audio adaptation of Chekhov’s best stories read by Max Bollinger compared to Monet paintings by critics arrives to Apple’s digital iTunes Stores