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Danish architects shape the future cities and dwellings of Russia

Press release February 18, 2019
Public squares, green pathways and courtyards are the focal point of the plan
Russia is breaking with the architecture of the Soviet past. JUUL | FROST Architects have designed a 14-hectare brand-new urban neighbourhood with around 400.000 square meters of new buildings, on the Oktyabrsky bordering on the historical centre of Kaliningrad. The neighbourhood will be a model for the improvement of cities, dwellings and the quality of life for 25 million Russian citizens.

Star Visa Services Ltd Offers Varied Options When Applying For Passport Renewal

Press release February 15, 2019 Star Visa Services Ltd is 100% committed to helping people with the passport renewal process.

PDC BIG Renews Made in Britain Accreditation

Press release February 14, 2019
Mark Alderman, PDC BIG UK and Ireland Regional Business Manager
...amid ongoing investment in skills and manufacturing of quality permanent and reusable name badges, ID accessories such as lanyards, badge holders & reels, wristbands and business print in the UK.

Elephant Gin Afternoon Tea with Aurum Restaurant, Seven Hotel and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Press release February 11, 2019
EG Oasentrunk finished cocktail sRGB 2017 (1)
1st March – 30th March 2019-02-11

The Single Use Paper Company Shares Why They Should Be Your Go-To Provider Of Paper Straws

Press release February 11, 2019 The Single Use Paper Company specialises in providing paper products for the hospitality industry.

Get ready to live a dream holiday in Procida, Italy

Press release February 10, 2019
Hotel Lasuite
La Suite Boutique Hotel is waiting for you

EF Paving Contractors Limited Adds Value To Every Home Through Quality Block Paving Services

Press release February 1, 2019 EF Paving Contractors Limited is your company of choice if you’re planning to avail of paving and groundwork services.

Obtain Effective Rosacea Treatments From Dr Firas Al-Niaimi!

Press release January 31, 2019 Dr Firas Al-Niaimi is one of the top providers of the safest and most effective dermatological treatments in the UK.

Cloud-Conversion Ltd: Providing Quality BIM Services For Various Sectors

Press release January 28, 2019 Cloud-Conversion Ltd specialises in providing professional building survey services to architectural, electrical, and construction companies.

Accomplish Your Passport Renewal Process Easily With Star Visa Services Ltd

Press release January 25, 2019 Star Visa Services Ltd is one of the most trusted agencies when it comes to applying and renewing visas and passports in the United Kingdom.

Wide Range Of Radiator Cabinets Available At Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

Press release January 24, 2019 Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd is a trusted provider of durable and exquisite radiator cabinets and covers.

Barstable Medical Clinic Offers Safe and Effective Botox Treatments

Press release January 22, 2019 Barstable Medical Clinic is one of the leading experts in carrying out cosmetic procedures through dermal fillers, Botox injections, face lifts, and lots of other treatments.