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Technology Companies Partner to Accelerate New Remote Homecare Services in Response to COVID-19

Press release November 10, 2020
White label end-to-end home care solution
Home care Iot End-to-end solution Develco Products and People Power deliver white label AI-powered solutions for rapidly expanding homecare market.

Press release Pernille Blume 27/10/2020

Press release October 27, 2020
2.Pernille Blume LowRes with logo 2 Jo Andersson
Woman Sport Lingerie Olympic gold medalist Pernille Blume launches her second lingerie line with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE

"Do you want to celebrate your wedding on an authentic Island in Italy?" “Yes, I do!”

Press release October 1, 2020
Wedding Italy Italy weddings Island of Procida, Italy is the perfect location for your special day

Press release: Olympic Gold Medalist Pernille Blume enters collaboration with DANISH ENDURANCE

Press release September 17, 2020 Fashion Sport The Olympic Gold Medalist and Danish Swim Star Pernille Blume enters a partnership with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE for the launch of a new collection of women’s lingerie. Read more in the press release in attachment.

Naturli’ opens its first concept café in Oslo – 100 per cent plants on forks and in drinks

Press release September 2, 2020
PR Foto, grøn cafe i Oslo
Food Plantbased food Naturli As increasing numbers of Norwegians are developing an appetite for the taste of a green future, Naturli’ has just opened a 100 per cent plant-based café at Drammensveien 149 in Oslo. The café is owned by Naturli’, who ensure that guests always find 100 per cent plants on their plates and in their cups.

Breakfast goes green – the future is plant-based yoghurt

Press release August 25, 2020
Pr foto spiser Joe Kurt
Naturli Consumers are developing green breakfast habits – just like their other meals. That is why Naturli’ – the market leader in plant-based foods in Denmark since 1988 – is introducing a whole range of 100 per cent plant-based yoghurt under the name Joe’ Kurt. Flavour, colour and consistency are all the same as traditional animal yoghurt. The company expects to place its plant-based yoghurt on ten export markets within two years.

Jubilee Milestone Celebrating 25 Years of Astute Vision and Investment in Future Publishing

Press release February 25, 2020
POD Logo 25YEARS Black Text
25 years Print on demand Digital book and journal printer Pioneering printer, publisher, distributor and online retail Bookshop Printondemand – worldwide celebrates with groundbreaking techniques, innovations, efficiencies and quality print production.


Press release December 17, 2019
Participants at the Women's Economic Empowerment: A
Women's economic empowerment Enterprise Health Opportunities and Challenges for Equity, Inclusive Growth, and Sustainability

Danish company launches a new, ground-breaking roof paint for the British market

Press release November 7, 2019 Construction Roof paint Roof protection Coolingpaint Roof is a patented and innovative roof paint that reflects over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 20%. The paint offers a solution to climate-related challenges by reducing the increasing need for cooling in Great Britain, extends the life expectancy of the roof and reduces the need for maintenance.

Danish company sets the agenda for facade coatings in the british construction industry

Press release October 7, 2019 Byggeri Byggemateriale With a further development of the technology behind the United States military’s stealth project, which was to reduce the visibility of aircraft on radar, the Danish company Nowocoat has developed a new ground-breaking facade coating for fibre cement and plaster surfaces in Great Britain. The result is a patented facade coating that reflects 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 20%.

What does e-learning have to do with reducing CO2 emissions?

Press release September 19, 2019
Elearning CO2 Priva Online training is smart, flexible and time efficient, but also has huge climate benefits by reducing CO2 emissions. ELEARNINGFORCE and Priva have done the math and can provide evidence.