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Experienced farriers ready for Herning2022

Press release July 28, 2022 Herning2022 Official Farrier Service Partner Mustad Hoofcare Group

The Organisers behind the ECCO FEI World Championships have entered into an agreement with Mustad Hoofcare Group, with the company now the "Official Farrier Service Partner" during Herning2022.

Photo: Mustad

The horses are well taken care of during the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning - Denmark. And of course, it also includes the important task of making sure the horses get the right and fast treatment if they lose a shoe during training or in competition.

In collaboration with Mustad Hoofcare Group, which works closely with well-trained farriers and other experts in the field, a farrier’s smithy will be set up with an associated workshop, two treatment boxes, and a lounge area called the Mustad Farrier Corner.

Horseshoes can be forged on-site and will be meticulously adapted to the individual horse. The farrier’s smithy and the veterinary clinic will be centrally located, as it will be set up in the first stable building.

A Farrier Service area will be set up at three locations on the venue, at Jyske Bank Boxen, at Boehringer Ingelheim Warm-up, and at BB Horse Arena. The Farrier Service will be staffed by a well-trained farrier during all competitions, and fully equipped with a forge and top products from Mustad’s large product range.

“It is farrier Mark Christiansen affiliated with Højgaard Hestehospital who, together with Mustad, is responsible for managing the farrier’s service during Herning2022,” CEO of Operations Casper Cassøe said. “Mustad also bring a well-trained farrier, and they are supplemented by the Danish farriers RayPawers by Jack Ray and Jeff Paw Nielsen.”

The world’s largest manufacturer of Hoofcare products
The Mustad Hoofcare Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of Hoofcare products, serving the needs of farriers, horse owners and veterinarians. The Mustad Group has been active in the Hoofcare market for 190 years, being founded in Gjøvik, a small industrial town in Norway in 1832. Products include nails, horseshoes, horse rasps, farrier tools, vitamin and mineral supplements as well as specialty products for the care of horses’ hooves. Today the seventh generation of Mustads own and run the company. Mustad has several brands and factories to serve the various needs of all farriers globally.

Looking forward to Herning2022
Aksel Vibe from Mustad explains: "We sponsor all materials used by the farriers during the World Championships, and make one of our skilled farriers available for the duration of the Championships.

“Usually, Mustad is exclusively involved in supporting events for farriers, but with a World Championship in Denmark, the company has chosen to get involved.

"The reason why it is interesting for us to be part of Herning2022 is that we are all interested in horses, and everyone wants to be part of the World Championships. It will also be fantastic from a personal interest point of view

“We would very much like to take this opportunity to inform horse owners about the importance of having a well-educated farrier. We want to be spokespersons for the farrier.”

Aksel Vibe gets the opportunity to spread the important message when he goes on the Zibrasport Equest Stage in EquiPark during Herning2022 with a lecture on hoof care.
“It is important to know the extent of the farrier’s contribution to the preventive work, but also by entering a collaboration with the veterinarian. In combination with modern diagnostics, special orthopaedic horseshoes can be manufactured that purposefully alleviate problems. Professional hoof care is the key to the horse health, performance, and general well-being."


Jens Trabjerg

ECCO FEI World Championships Herning 2022
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Herning2022 Official Farrier Service Partner Mustad Hoofcare Group