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Tangent ALIO: Share your personality

Pressmeddelande oktober 25, 2010
21016 Alio mono FM white side highres When out and about, listening to your music on your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 player is a personal experience. In fact, the whole concept, dating back to a portable cassette player, is based on individuality and personality.

Tangent PearlBox: Showcasing a true treasure

Pressmeddelande oktober 20, 2010
Remote pearlbox black highres It’s human nature to hold some of our possessions dear. From heirlooms passed on through generations to gifts from far-off lands, each occupies a special place in our hearts. A true treasure - like true love - is limitless.

Tangent EXEO: Sleek stereo sound

Pressmeddelande oktober 11, 2010
Exeo set front Stop and take a look around. No matter how you slice it, most of us should agree that life is good. But can you make a good thing better? Sure, because even the improvements that seem small add up over time in a positive way.

New radio from Tangent designed by Jacob Jensen Design

Pressmeddelande september 8, 2010
Fjord env kitchen highres World famous design meets uncompromising technology - unveiled at The Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

Optimized to Succeed

Pressmeddelande april 1, 2009
Ordinary Chip and PIN (CAP) card readers are “optimized to fail," according to a recent report from Cambridge University. The authors find “numerous weaknesses" that may even expose customers to physical harm.